Cooper Contracting

Norfolk Southern – 205.4w Bridge Replacement St. Antony, IN 2022

The Situation

Replace a single track 80’ continuous 1-span open deck bridge with a 136’ 2-span ballast deck bridge at milepost 205.4-W over South Club Road in St. Anthony, Indiana.

Our Solution

Our crew constructed four separate 66″ diameter drilled shafts for the new piers and abutments and removed existing concrete piers and abutments.  Hauling away the 80′ existing bridge span after demolition required one of our skilled drivers.  Check out the picture in the gallery.  Cooper Contracting installed the 136′ new bridge span with a ballast deck with 3 hours of outage to spare.  The shorter outages are a testament to the skill level of our bridge crew members.

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