Cooper Contracting

About Cooper Contracting

We set a high standard for ourselves, in every service we offer. When it comes to the railroad trades we specialize in, we self-perform most –if not all– of the task in front of us. With limited involvement from subcontractors, we have better control of the schedule and are more easily able to achieve the high quality of work that we are known for.

With Quality Assurance & Quality Control programs in place on each project, Cooper Contracting has helped countless governmental, agricultural and industrial customers complete successful projects. Whether we are providing excavation, demolition, rigging services, bridge design/builds, or ditching and sitework; Cooper Contracting ensures that the highest standards are met.

Our History

In 1982, Charles “Sonny” Cooper started a small company with only one backhoe, and one tow truck. What began as a small business performing Maintenance-of-Way for Norfolk Southern has grown into a thriving operation that delivers a wide range of services, all across the Midwest.

Cooper Contracting’s first logo. 1984

To ensure that we are holding ourselves to the highest possible standard, we implement Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs with every project

Ryan Cooper, Owner & President of Cooper Contracting

Safety First!

From our management team to our field crews, we are committed to delivering quality work, safely and on time.  Safety briefings are held daily before work begins, and again if there are any changes throughout the day.  Our employees’ number one goal is keeping their coworkers safe while providing the customer with results they can be proud of.