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There are many ways Cooper Contracting can move your project in the right direction. Learn more about which service is right for you.

  1. Railroad Bridge Construction

    Cooper Contracting delivers the highest quality and most cost effective bridge construction of all types.

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  2. Railroad Bridge Maintenance

    Cooper Contracting’s repair crews specialize in timber trestle restoration often replacing posts, caps, building and installing frame bents, replacing stringers, performing cap-up change outs, and replacing tie decks.

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  3. Maintenance-of-Way, Track, And Culvert Maintenance

    With our lineup of company owned/serviced equipment, switch installation, culvert replacements, drift cleaning, and all other types of railroad work are performed within budget and exceeding customer expectations.

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  4. Jack & Bore

    The Jack and Bore method of installing steel pipes or casings is usually a more economical method than open cutting and disturbing established roads or railways. This horizontal auger boring method results in minimal disruption to traffic, extremely stable bores, and little to no disruption to the rail. The challenges presented by projects in remote locations are easily overcome with our years of experience complying with railroad protocols along with the use of equipment fitted with rail gear. Our capabilities include bores with diameters from 24”-72”.

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  5. Demolition

    Regardless of size, Cooper Contracting is well equipped to meet your demolition needs. We offer concrete, steel and timber bridge demolition, track demolition as well as structure demolition.

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  6. Concrete And Asphalt Upcycling

    Concrete and asphalt goes through a crusher which has a magnet to remove the metal and then its screened to a particular size. Then it gets stacked into a number 53 crushed stone pile.

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