Cooper Contracting

CSX Transportation – Bridge 0HR 30.4 New Bridge Construction 2023

The Situation

A timber-trussed bridge over Otter Creek in West Point, KY needed to be converted to a 125-foot long and 45-foot tall concrete precast bridge.

Our Solution

Location, Location, Location.  A long, winding mountain road provided limited access for transporting materials and equipment. But the biggest challenge at this bridge proved to be the 45′ deep, 125′ long, and 30′ wide causeway constructed before demolition could even begin. The causeway required several thousand tons of rock.  Having the right equipment for these conditions always makes the challenges a little easier.

Cooper Contracting replaced the outdated timber bridge with a new concrete precast 125-foot-long bridge.  The new bridge is supported by 36″ drilled shafts with rock sockets at a 65′ depth. 

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